Global Mammal Parasite Database


Comparative Databases developed - As of November 2006

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Taxonomic group Summary Information Status of Data

4000 lines of data on 139 hosts, with corresponding information on 372 sampling localities for GIS. 

Maintained by Nunn.

Main database finalized, analyses completed (eg. parasite diversity) or in progress (eg. geographic distribution of disease risk)



8266 lines of data on 153 host species, with geographic information for 1358 lines of data. 

Maintained by Lindenfors and Nunn.

Main database finalized, analyses in progress

Artiodactyla and Perissodactyla

6858 lines of data for 175 host species and 724 parasite species.

Maintained by Altizer.

Main databases completed, analyses in progress.


60 different helminth parasites found in 40 species

Maintained by Gittleman.

Database completed and initial analyses conducted.  Will be expanding database to cover additional groups of parasites.


Over 1200 lines of data on ectoparasites. 

Maintained by Vonhof and Jones.

Ectoparasite data entered and preliminary analyses conducted.  Endoparasite data collection has been initiated.